The University of Arizona

Benefits of Using Our Facilities

Access to expensive state of the art equipment not available to the researcher in any other way is one of the obvious benefits of utilizing the University Spectroscopy and Imaging Facilities (USIF). The researcher does not have to get a grant, find and remodel space to meet the needs of equipment nor pay expensive yearly service contracts thus saving research funds and space for other areas.

Chemicals which are often very expensive can be obtained from the USIF with the costs shared by multiple researchers, minimizing cost and waste. In addition the proper disposal of used microscopy chemicals is a daunting task that is done by the staff of the Facilities sparing this task from multiple labs.

Access to the expertise of the USIF avoids long learning curves to for the PI and their research staff speeding the progress of the research. Researchers' staff may be trained with a focus on the specific needs of the research project. Troubleshooting for problems is available from the USIF staff, getting a project back on track. For overburdened labs, the staff of the USIF can also do any or all aspects of a project involving imaging, freeing up research personnel to do other aspects of a program.



University Spectroscopy and Imaging Facilities