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MSE 488/588 - Scanning Electron Microscopy


  • This course is designed to provide students with the necessary background and skills for independent SEM/EDS microanalysis on a wide variety of materials.


  • Students successfully completing the course will be capable of preparing their own samples, analyzing, and interpreting the results of their analysis.
  • Also expected is the ability to choose correct analytical techniques, procedures, and hardware; and incorporate data into an appropriate presentation of results.

MSE 488/588 Internet Resources:

SWEHSC - Microscopy and Imaging Resources on the WWW -

ANL Microscopy Listserver and Archives -

Microscopy Today -

John Russ - Seeing the Scientific Image -

Electron Optics Stack -

SEM Stage Control Settings Guide -


SEM Optics. Required -

Digital Imaging Basics. Required -

A Guide to Scanning Microscope Observation. A great reference for lab 1. -

ANL Microscopy Listserver and Archives. Required -

Microscopy Today -

Seeing the Scientific Image, Dr. John Russ -


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