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Carbon Nanotubes acquired by Phil Anderson

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Materials and biological SEM - EDS and CL, PL, Raman Spectroscopy, TEM:

Dr. Paul Wallace 520-621-5097  pwallace@email.arizona


USIF provides electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and other imaging core services at various levels.


The Hitachi S-4800 Type II / ThermoNORAN NSS EDS and the Hitachi S-3400N Type II / ThermoNORAN NSS EDS with in-line Raman Spectrometer are the latest instruments that we have added to the materials facility located in the Marley Building #101. Visit the SERVICES section for a listing of our instruments and applications. | additional equipment information |

Hitachi S-4800 Type II
Hitachi S-3400N Type II



These include but not limited to:

Microanalysis, micro-spectroscopy, materials characterization, failure analysis, quality control, nano engineering, nano fabrication, plus others.

Analyses in:

Materials Science and Engineering : metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, composites, semi conductors, micro-electronic devices, electronic materials, particle contamination identification, archaeomaterials, museum specimens and artifacts, particle analysis, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), optical materials, optical fibers, quantum dots, geological, mineralogical, construction materials, adhesion, corrosion and plus others.

Pharmaceuticals and Food Analysis: coating, filler and excipient identification, polymorphism studies, aqua culture, liposome delivery systems.

Biomedical Devices: polymers, disease prevention, arterial grafts and stents, heart valves, prosthetics, joints, bone grafts and regeneration.

Forensic Sciences: identification of explosives, drugs, fibers, pigments, soils, modern and ancient fabrics.

Biological and Agricultural Sciences: virus identification, cellular structures, bacterial structures, tissue organization, phenotype and genotype, plant and animal disease diagnosis, biological failure analysis, biofilm identification, organism identification, water samples, soil samples, plant and animal tissue samples, archaeomaterials.

Environmental and Air Quality: particulates, contamination, identification.

Water Industry: suspended particulates, bio-film, bacterial content, viral contamination, protozoa.


Our facilities are able to collaborate and develop applications to suit your research.



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