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Transmission Electron Microscopy

USIF Materials TEM Imaging Serive is supported by a Hitachi H8100 is a 200kV conventional TEM with high brightness LaB6 electron source and large specimen-tilt (> 30 degrees) capabilities. It offers phase contrast resolution of better than 0.26 (point) and 0.14 nm (line). It is equipped with small probe forming lenses for nanodiffraction, CBED and hollow-cone illumination. A heating stage (up to 1000C) and a LN2 cooling stage coupled with CCD high resolution camera allows unique dynamic in-situ experiments.

USIF also has a Jeol 100CXII for Biological and Materials TEM Imaging Service. The Jeol 100CXII is a film based data collection TEM with magnification capability of 100X-200,000X. It has a good resolution with excellent screen contrast.

We provide full TEM services in with the Hitachi H-8100:

We can assist in TEM imaging with the Jeol 100CX:

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